Accommodation Mountains

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We offer accommodation of mountains in all corners of the Czech Republic, for families, for groups of friends, for couples, in short for all who want to spend a holiday in nature and at the same time have their own undisturbed privacy.

Don't you like hotel rooms or cottage colonies where you don't have a moment of peace? Or do you require accommodation complexes for a larger number of people? We arrange the accommodation of the mountains according to your wishes in various mountain areas that can be found here. Chalets, cottages, log cabins, holiday houses, all this and much more our company can offer you.

Tailored requirements

If you have an accurate idea of how your living in the mountains should look like, then be sure to contact us. No Internet connection? Do your children require a garden and a swimming pool? Do you want to have an opportunity for cycling or fishing around? Our mountain accommodation will provide you with this. Fulfill your dream.