Long-term renting of platforms

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Even the more difficult terrain will not stop them, the terrain dither platforms safely bring you to a height even where other machines do not have a chance.
The drive of these machines is ensured by powerful diesel engines with a 4×4 wheel drive. The platforms have hinged axles with hydraulic supports that guarantee high lifting heights. The travel with the machine is safe and possible even at maximum working height, the working baskets are large and have a high carrying capacity. The maximum working height of the machines offered by M/S Elektro is 10-18 meters, the working baskets reach a height of up to 16 M and the load capacity of baskets varies from 227 to 650 kg. You can choose either articulated, scrubber or classic working.
The off-road DIESLI platforms have a 4×4 drive, so they are ideal helpers even in heavy terrain.